Most Expensive Fonts in the World & Where to Find Them

Did you know fonts can influence your brand? They display your brand’s personality and style, setting the tone your audience will expect from you. And since we’re discussing fonts, let’s talk about the most expensive fonts in the world and where to find them.


Ruse comes from The Enschedé Font Foundry or TEFF, a well-known luxury typeface company. It was created in 2000 by Gerrit Noordzij, and according to him, this typeface represents their handwriting. Ruse consists of 22 fonts priced at 7,384.86 SGD for the whole family or 1,275.39 SGD for one font. This price includes tax.

most expensive fonts ruse
Taken from TEFF sample sheet


Trinité is more elegant than ruse and is slightly less expensive. It was created by Bram de Does, who is considered a master craftsman within the industry. Trinité, with 29 fonts, are priced at 7,640.92 SGD for the whole family or 637.70 SGD for one font. This price includes tax as well.

most expensive font trinite
Taken from TEFF sample sheet


Lexicon is considered the most expensive typeface in the world. You’ll often see this in books or dictionaries. Bram de Does, who said he was not going to create another typeface after Trinité, had been approached by Van Dale’s Dictionary’s designer, which led to the creation of Lexicon. Lexicon has 24 fonts within the family, priced at 4,584.55 SGD. You can also get a single font for 637.70 SGD. 

most expensive font lexicon
Taken from TEFF sample sheet

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JHA Bodoni Ritalic

While we consider Lexicon as the most expensive font in the world, our list of most expensive fonts isn’t complete if we don’t add JHA Bodoni Ritalic created by Jan Henrik Arnold. It’s a pretty straightforward font, but he’s selling it for 5,000 USD or 6,929.18 SGD. You can find it on MyFonts, a site that allows creators to sell their fonts and name their prices.

most expensive font bodoni ritalic
Taken from MyFonts

Why Do These Fonts Cost a Lot?

Typefaces and fonts can be expensive because they take a lot of time to make. They also need careful planning, plenty of skill, and a consideration of many factors to ensure they work right on different mediums. For instance, did you know that Lexicon is great for books because it features small font sizes that are still highly legible even when printed? 

More importantly, these fonts, especially the ones from TEFF, offer exclusivity that ensures you’re among the few who own the font. You can keep using these fonts according to the license you bought, and people would immediately associate your brand with them.

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