Slide Design in Singapore: A Simple Guide

While you may not immediately think about designing your slides and want to focus on providing information, great slide design makes your presentation more memorable and impressive. This article will be your guide to great slide design in Singapore and will talk about the reasons why you need great slide design, the elements of great slide design, and slide design tips to make standout presentations.

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4 Reasons Why Your Company in Singapore Needs Great Slide Design For Presentations

1. Presentations with great slide design can give you a great first impression.

When it comes to presenting, the first impression that you make on potential clients is crucial. One of the best ways to make sure that you obtain a great first impression is by delighting clients with great slide design.

Presenting with great slide design can prove to clients that you are serious about what you want to pitch to them and that your team has done their best to communicate all of the important details in a visually pleasing way.

Because of this, they will take your presentation and your products more seriously which will give you a stronger chance of winning them over and eventually collaborating with them in the future.

2. You will present with more confidence knowing you have slides with engaging designs.

Delivering presentations, especially sales pitches, requires you to be confident and assured of yourself when you are speaking in front of people.

Professional presentations with neat design allows you to speak with more confidence. This confidence that you will have while presenting is what will prompt potential clients to have faith in whatever it is that you are selling.

All of your expertise and knowledge about your product will be united with visually interesting slides. This can help assure you that you will deliver a stand-out presentation your clients will remember for a long time.

3. Your information and message will have a greater impact when presented with high-quality designs.

All of your planning and research will all be for nothing if you do not get to present it in a way that engages and captivates potential clients.

To make sure that the information you are presenting is impactful, you will need to pair it with supporting visuals that help emphasise your points. This is where the importance of design comes in as it is a perfect partner for your content.

In Singapore, having great slide design will help clients remember your presentation easily.

4. Your company in Singapore will look more trustworthy when you use professional designs for your presentations.

Building trust is always a significant part of businesses in any type of industry. Clients and customers will only do business with companies that they like and trust.

When your presentations have great slide design, it allows you to frame your company and your products as something that is reliable, professional, and trustworthy.

Great presentations prove to everyone that you know what you are doing and that you have the resources to invest into creating something that is specifically designed for that specific client or customer.

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The 5 Elements of Presentations with Great Slide Design

1. Visual Hierarchy

All great slide designs should start with a visual hierarchy. A visual hierarchy refers to how you will arrange certain elements in terms of their importance. Designers can influence how viewers perceive what they see with contrast.

The theory of visual hierarchy helps you define the structure of your presentation’s slide design. Following the right visual hierarchy assures that the right elements and information are catching the attention of your viewers.

You can achieve visual hierarchy through techniques like using contrasting colours to make specific elements stand out more and adjusting the size of text or photos to make one specific thing stand out more than another.

If you want a more detailed explanation for what visual hierarchy is, you can check out this link: 12 Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Non-Designer Needs to Know.

2. Slide Layout

Great slide layouts are possible once you can effectively apply visual hierarchy in your presentations. What you will need to remember when creating your slide layout is that you should understand the most important message in the presentation.

When coming up with your slide layout, you will need to remember to let your content and design breathe by focusing on the most important statistics or information in a single slide without anything else so that all the attention is on that.

3. Master Slide

One of the most important parts of every presentation is the master slide. The master slide is the first slide that everyone will see once you open your presentation with a Slide Master View.

This is where you would include a logo or graphic which will be repeated on all of your slides and establish the background and fonts which you will use for your slide design.

If these factors are not defined on the master slide, you will need to incorporate all of these manually for each slide layout which can lead to inconsistencies in your slide design.

4. Typography

Choosing the right typography for your presentation is crucial as it will make a significant impact on your slide design.

A general lesson that you should think about when choosing fonts is that most people will not notice good fonts but people can immediately spot bad fonts right away. When you notice a font, it is usually because you are having a harder time reading the text.

You can stick to using traditional fonts like Arial or Helvetica if you want to be safe with your presentations. However, you can also combine fonts by searching on what fonts work well with one another.

5. Colours

Colour is an essential part of how to come up with great slide design for your presentations. You will need to remember that colours express specific feelings. Brighter colours evoke more playful emotions while darker colours evoke more cooler and serious emotions.

The colours that you should use for your slide design should depend on the context. When creating professional presentations, you will likely work using your company’s colours which makes it easier for you.

You can also try and think about colour theory if you have the opportunity to freely choose what colours to use in your presentation. You can use a single primary colour and another supporting colour to keep a simple design.

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5 Slide Design Tips To Make Standout Presentations in Singapore

1. Do not overcomplicate the design of your slides.

When coming up with your slide design, you can easily get carried away with using a lot of eye-catching visuals that will surprise and amuse viewers.

However, you should always keep your design as simple as possible so that the focus of your slides will still be on the content and the message that you want to communicate.

Overcomplicated designs with too many fonts, colours, or photos will just distract viewers which will lead them to misunderstanding or even forgetting what the main points of your presentation are.

2. Use the appropriate font styles and sizes.

You should be consistent with your use of typography throughout all of your slides in the presentation. Also keep in mind that you should make sure your fonts are big enough so that everyone in the room can read your text.

You should use at least a font size of 32 for normal text and larger fonts for headers and more important text as anything smaller than that will be harder to read. Avoid resorting to using all caps for your text and limit punctuations as well.

3. Remember to use high-quality photos in the presentation.

Photos in your presentations need to have a role. They should be able to reinforce and complement the message you want to communicate to your viewers.

Since you will need these photos to make an impact and add value, you must make sure that the photos you are using are of the best quality possible.

You will need high-quality photos as this ensures that you are using professional slide designs and helps viewers see all the important details that you want to showcase in the photo.

Low-quality photos on your professional slides will cheapen your overall presentation and will distract viewers instead of helping them focus on your content. Make sure to test if your images will retain their quality on a larger display.

4. Avoid using too many effects for your slides.

When creating your presentation, you may think about adding effects because of how visually appealing they might be. However, using effects gets old fairly quickly and will just distract people from your message.

Using too many transitions, animations, sounds, and text fly-ins will reduce the professionalism that you want to portray for the presentation so you must need to be simple and direct with it.

5. Be concise with the number of slides that you will need to use.

Take note of the amount of slides that you will use in your presentation and remember that you should keep them as concise as possible.

Limit your slides based on the amount of time that you have for your presentation so that you will not have the fear of using more time than what was given to you.

Quickly changing slides and rushing through a presentation will not just distract your audience, but will also impede the way you communicate your message. Using one slide per minute is a good rule of thumb that you can follow.

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