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Custom plan

Need a custom plan to fit your requirements?

Done-for-you Social Media Content

We create your social media visual content:

All content is tailored to your branding. We can also post on your social media channels. 

Plans start from


Included in all plans

How can our plans be unlimited?

Your orders are put in a queue and we deliver them one by one.
Once one is approved and final we start working on the next one.

Graphic Design & Carousels includes:

Unlimited small graphic design tasks such as business cards, brochures, logos, illustrations, GIFs, slideshows for social media, etc. 

Presentations includes:

Unlimited custom design for Powerpoint presentations. 

Custom Videos includes:

Unlimited video creation based on stock footage and images from our libraries or that you provide. Royalty free music included. Ideal for product videos and social media videos. 

Premium Videos includes:

Unlimited video creation in more styles (2D animation, 3D animation, screencasts, whiteboard, etc). Unlimited synthetic VOs and sound effects included. 

Pay per video

Do you have a video project that doesn’t fit in our monthly plans?
Contact us to discuss your project.
Our prices start from

$60 for 30 seconds.

Price depends on style, duration and other parameters. That’s why we can’t display the full list of prices. We can give you a price very quickly. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Depending on your plan you have one or several queues for projects. For any given queue we work on one project at a time. Projects can be on hold if you need time for feedback, in which case we started working on the next project in the queue.
For most projects, we deliver between 1 and 3 business days after your request. If we feel a project will require more time, we will let you know and such project could be delivered in several portions.
Yes. We can also deliver the source files (PSD or AI) if you need them.

We can also write scripts for you and many other add-ons.

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