Brochure Design in Singapore: Tips for Great Designs

It’s important for businesses in Singapore to find different ways to advertise themselves to reach their target audience in significant and meaningful touchpoints online and offline. One of the best ways to make the most out of your on-ground efforts is by creating brochures with great brochure design as they help you stand out and have more memorable interactions with audiences. This article will be your guide to great brochure design in Singapore and will talk about why you need it, the elements of great brochure design, and how you can make the most out of it.

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4 Reasons Why Your Company in Singapore Needs Great Brochure Design

1. Creating brochures is an affordable option that all businesses can use whether they are small or large companies.

Brochures can be highly valuable especially if you are a small startup or an SME as you may be more limited in your marketing budget compared to larger companies. Compared to other types of advertising, brochures are a cost-effective marketing option you should highly consider.

You can work with professional designers and creative agencies in Singapore to create high-quality brochures with great brochure design at a budget-friendly cost.

You can buy your booklets or papers in bulk which can significantly decrease the price and hiring professionals to create your brochure design will ensure that all of your costs will end up improving your business in the long run.

2. A brochure gives you the opportunity to present a lot of information to audiences.

With brochures, your company can be able to communicate a large amount of information in just a small and compact area. Even having a trifold design will include a lot of sections for you to describe your products and services.

You can include a lot of vital information in your brochure like a summary of your company, contact information, logo, mission statement, your products and its prices, and the benefits of choosing your company.

This lets you communicate to your audience in a way that is not possible with other types of advertising which have character limits or time limits which restrict you. With a great brochure design, you can make this information stand out even more.

3. Brochures are fast and can be easily distributed to your target audience.

Using a brochure can help you create an entire marketing strategy and apply it inside a compact document which you can easily distribute to customers within minutes.

Whether you decide to hand out brochures face to face to people or just simply placing them on tables or magazine racks, you will discover just how fast people can find out about your business.

What’s great with how compact brochures are is that you can also add them to other items you distribute or place them in promotional portfolios and other packaging that you can hand out to customers.

4. You will have a lasting impression on audiences when you have great brochure design.

The only thing that is more important than gaining a great first impression is gaining a lasting impression from your target audience. When you distribute brochures in Singapore with great brochure design, it gives you one more opportunity to promote your business.

For example, you can hand brochures to clients after meetings or after meeting them in conferences as you leave so that you can reinforce your message and leave a lasting impression.

When clients and customers take your brochures along with them, it makes it easier for them to recall your brand name and helps you establish your brand identity.

6 Elements of Great Brochure Design

1. Attention-grabbing cover

Great brochure design starts with having a cover that will immediately grab the attention of any customer or client even when they get it or even before they actually have it on their hands.

An effective cover will have a clean design and will also need an image that stands out, your company’s logo, and also a phrase that will captivate the reader to learn more and go through your brochure.

When coming up with phrases for your brochure cover, use large fonts, use less than ten words, and place them at the top of your brochure.

2. Appropriate font styles and sizes

Selecting the best font is another way for you to set the tone of your message and theme in your brochure. You will want to use simple and appropriate fonts to keep your messaging consistent.

You should not use fonts like Comic Sans if your business is a hospital or a law firm. Remember to also choose fonts that can be easily read as well. You would not want customers to lose sight of your content just because they have a hard time reading with your chosen font.

Varying the sizes of your fonts is also a good way for you to highlight the importance of certain information. The most important content should be in a larger size with subheadings in a smaller font. More variety in your font sizes also help to provide more visual interest while reading.

You can check out this article for a collection of fonts which will look great on your brochures: Best Fonts for Business Brochures and Flyers That Stand Out.

3. Compelling core content

Your core content will be the most important part of your brochure. The core content must be compelling and must speak in the right language and tone when addressing the issues, needs, or problems of your target audience.

It is better to focus on 3-5 main points rather than overwhelming them with all the information and facts about your products. Focus your content on how you and your products can help make the lives of your target audience easier.

If you want to showcase your data, make sure that you use graphs, charts, or infographics so that they can be easier to understand and be more visually engaging.

Boost Your Business with Eye-Catching Designs

4. Consistent branding

When creating your brochure, you should always keep in mind how you will brand it. You should have enough branding in it to help you with recall but not too much because it may annoy people.

The branding should not just be consistent all throughout the different parts of the brochure but also with your other platforms as well like your website and social media accounts.

This makes it easier for potential customers to remember your brand once they search for you online after learning about your products through your brochure.

5. High-quality visual elements

When coming up with your brochure design, there should be a lot of focus on the visual elements as they can catch people’s eye and also showcase the quality of your material and your content.

Some examples of visual elements you should include are a good layout, graphs, images, infographics and anything else that can visually support your information and data.

To make sure your brochure has the best brochure design with high-quality visual elements, you can work with graphic designers and creative agencies in Singapore like VideoBlast.

6. An effective call to action

Providing quality information and content and simply relying on your potential customers to take the next step on their own is too risky, so you should do your best to guide them.

Your brochure should always include an effective call to action so that they can easily figure out the next steps they can do with your brand.

Whether you want them to visit your store or website, follow your social media accounts, register their email, or buy your product, you should provide them with detailed steps that they can easily complete.

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3 Tips To Give You Great Brochure Design For Your Company in Singapore

1. Use high resolution images

All your design efforts will go to waste if people will be turned off by blurry and low-resolution photos. If you want to achieve great brochure design, the image quality that you will use is highly crucial.

If you need to use stock photos, try to choose the ones that do not immediately look like stock photos. Using corporate images that are generic and seen everywhere may negatively affect your brand and your brochure.

When using product photos, make sure they are shot and arranged in a visually appealing way. You can hire professional photographers in Singapore to ensure the quality of these photos.

2. Know the kind of paper stock and coating you will use for the brochure

When planning out your brochure, do not forget to consider the paper stock you will print on as well as the coating that you can apply. For a lot of customers, the quality of paper and coating you use can have an influence on how they perceive your company.

A brochure with a thick paper stock and a matte or glossy coating will be perceived as coming from a more upscale company.

Your choice of paper stock and coating also has an effect on your brochure’s durability. Heavier paper stocks as well as high-quality coating will make your brochures more durable and more neat.

3. Stick to a consistent visual theme

Brochures with great brochure design stick to one visual theme all throughout its layout. Find a theme that you want for your brochure design and stick to it.

This applies whether you are thinking about how to design multiple pages, your cover page, and other parts of your brochure.

A solid visual theme sets the tone for the design and content of your brochure and also provides a consistent user experience for customers that read through it.

Now that you have learned about everything that you need to know about brochure design in Singapore, hopefully you will have an easier time creating your own brochures for your company. With VideoBlast, you will work with professional graphic designers who will provide you with the best brochure designs.

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Boost Your Business with Eye-Catching Designs