10 Business Logo Tips for Startups

Designing your startup logo is crucial as it allows you to set the tone of your business. This logo will help you lay the foundation of your brand identity and will also communicate what your business is all about. Since you are just starting out, it is important to use it as a great opportunity to stand out and leave a strong impression. This article will talk about the 10 business logo tips entrepreneurs will need for their startups.

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10 Business Logo Tips for Startups


1. Clearly define your brand personality and identity

While coming up with a great logo is crucial for startups, you should not immediately dive into creating it. Before this, you should be able to clearly define your brand personality and identity and use these as a guide to creating the logo that you want.

If you do not have an established brand personality or if you change it all the time, you will also have to constantly revamp your logo which can confuse and annoy consumers.

Your brand personality and identity will not only play a significant role when it comes to designing your logo, but it also sets the tone for all of your future marketing and branding strategies.

2. Look out for design inspirations around you

When thinking about how you want to design your logo, you may take inspiration from different types of companies around the world.

You don’t have to limit yourself to companies in the same industry for now as you should just look out for great designs in general which can help you out.

Do not disregard something that has great design even if it is irrelevant to your startup. As long as it has a great design overall, it may help you in deciding what you want to do for your own logo.

3. Partner up with a professional graphic designer to design your logo

As a startup, you will have a more limited budget compared to bigger businesses. This means that you have to make the most out of every single expense that you will have.

Partnering up with a professional graphic designer may seem like a significant expense for your startup, but in the long run, this investment will be worth it. After all, your logo will be the face of your company.

Make sure that when you work with a professional graphic designer, you don’t just choose an affordable but inexperienced option. You will need to work with a designer that can match your design style and has experience producing high-quality logos.

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When you work with VideoBlast, you get to collaborate with a team of professional graphic designers who are experienced in creating high-quality logos at affordable rates and with unlimited revisions.

4. Choose the style of your logo based on your target audience

Design preferences are highly subjective and it can be difficult to create a design that will be loved by all types of people. When you choose your logo’s style, make sure that you are prioritising the preferences of your target audience.

For example, if you are targeting children, the logo should be playful and colourful. However, if you are targeting professionals, your logo should be more clean and elegant.

Focusing on your target audience for your logo design will make them connect with your logo more easily and ensures you that they will find it memorable.

5. Avoid looking at or using generic logos

Coming up with a logo that is similar to what other successful startups have made sounds like a safe and easy option, but that is a huge reason why doing it should be avoided.

It defeats the entire purpose of making a good logo, which is to stand out, if you just want to create a logo that looks similar to what everyone else has.

Try to come up with ways where you get to implement your own particular style and personality if you have to use a generic logo or cliché that a lot of other businesses use.

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6. Carefully go over the logo’s font and size

While logo design will be mostly about the image and graphics that you will use, you must also carefully go over fonts and letter sizes that you may use for your logo.

Make it a point to go over as many font styles as possible so that you can find those that are the best for your startup’s logo.

Once you decide on what font style to use, you should also go over the size of fonts you will want to use. This may seem inconsequential but having the right size will have a lot of impact in a logo.

7. Decide on what colours you will use for your logo

You have to choose an appropriate colour scheme for your logo as this will make it easier for you to convey what your business is about to your target audience.

Here are the most popular colours that are used for logos and what they evoke:

  • Red – excitement, passion, and independence
  • Blue – trust and royalty
  • Black – class, prestige, and sophistication
  • Yellow – trustworthy, fun, and warm
  • Green – nature-friendly and ethical

Since you are a startup, it is important that you understand the colour palette for logos well and be clear about how you want to portray your business through your logo.

You can also explore different colour combinations to emphasise more emotions. However, you should try to limit your choice of colours to about two or three on your logo.

8. Make sure that your logo is easily adaptable and scalable

Startups will have their logo displayed on a variety of surfaces, from the smallest business card to the largest billboards.

You should make sure that your logo’s design will look great on all kinds of surfaces in all types of sizes as well as your website and all of your social media platforms. You should also prepare logos that work on both light and dark backgrounds.

You should also keep in mind that your logo needs to be easily adaptable. Ensuring that you have enough room to modify and tweak your logo right from the start without too many worries is a smart way to go.

9. Make your logo recognisable and memorable

To make sure that your logo resonates with your target audiences, it has to be both recognisable and memorable. They should be able to immediately identify and recognise your startup business and pick you out from the rest of your competition.

Your logo must also be memorable so that it can leave a lasting positive impression in the minds of the people that see it. When they always keep your logo in mind, they will associate it with positive thoughts and emotions.

10. Remember that your logo has to be relevant

Your logo is the representation of your startup business at all times. This makes it crucial that every element included in your logo must be relevant.

If you want to include something in your logo to help you stand out, it should still be relevant to your startup’s offerings and identity.

Make sure that you make use of icons, fonts, and visual elements that will help the audience connect your logo to your specific industry and offering. This makes it easier for them to interpret your logo.

Once you think about applying all of these tips when creating your logo, your startup will have a great logo that will help you stand out and succeed.

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