Visual Content in Singapore

When you want to advertise to an audience, you will need to grab their attention immediately. The best way to do this is by using engaging visual content that can immediately catch their eye. Using visual content in Singapore is a great way to hook consumers and propel them to become more curious about your company and its products. This article will be your guide to all of the visual content you can have for your company in Singapore and will talk about why you should utilise visual content and the different types that can be created and designed.

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The 5 Reasons Why Your Company in Singapore Should Utilise Visual Content

1. Visual content is easier and faster to process.

What makes visual content so appealing to everyone is that it is able to communicate data and information a lot faster compared to making someone read plain text about it.

Also, since 65% of people are visual learners, this makes it a lot easier for most people to understand what you want to share as quickly as possible through visual content. Having visual content that is easily understandable can help you reach more consumers in a more efficient manner. 

2. Visual content helps you attain brand recognition.

When you can establish a specific brand identity through consistent visual designs on all of your platforms like websites, ads, social media platforms, and your products, consumers will easily remember who you are and what your brand is about.

Following a specific guideline for your visual content like using the same fonts, colours, and layouts will help you stand out from your competitors and help consumers recognise your brand wherever they see you.

3. You will be able to engage with more customers through visual content.

Since it is easier for customers to understand visual content, this makes it more engaging and powerful compared to written content.

When you post content that primarily uses photos, GIFS, infographics, or videos, they will always get more comments, likes, and shares compared to text-based posts.

4. Visual content on your websites can improve your website traffic.

Displaying great visual content on your website adds a unique touch of branding and can also help you grab the attention of your website visitors so that they can stay on your website for a longer time and even visit other pages as well.

Instead of just relying on words to describe your company’s brand, identity, values, and products, showcasing these with great visuals like infographics and videos to make the information more impactful and memorable to people that visit your website. 86% of marketers have said that videos have helped with increasing traffic to their website.

5. Great visual content can help increase your conversions.

Eventually, when you get to utilise great visual content in all of your important platforms, it can help you generate even more conversions which will lead to sales.

This is especially true if you create high-quality videos that will be effective in informing and entertaining your target customers. 78% of marketers have said that videos have had a direct contribution to the increase in their sales.

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The 6 Different Types of Visual Content Your Company in Singapore Can Design and Create

1. Graphic design

Graphic design refers to the art and practice of planning and projecting experiences and ideas with visual content. Graphic designers work on communicating specific messages and ideas in a visual manner. These visuals can be something simple like a logo, or something more complex like a presentation or poster layout.

Companies can hire or work with graphic designers so that they can help with the promotion and selling of their products through designing great packaging, posters, brochures, websites, presentations, online posts, and videos.

Important graphic design elements include colours, lines, forms, shapes, sizes, space, and texture. Graphic designers can also create different types of design which are specifically made for brand identity, publications, packaging, marketing, motion graphics, and UI.

2. Poster design

Posters are one of the oldest and most effective types of marketing materials. It is great for drawing the attention of customers so that they can be more curious about your events, products, and brands.

While there isn’t one specific technique or practice to help you create the perfect poster, there are specific elements that every great poster should have so that it can help your business achieve its goals in reaching consumers and grabbing their attention.

What makes posters so effective is that they are an affordable option for almost all companies, they allow you to be visible to your target audience, people can easily recall your posters, and they also encourage an active response.

Six important elements of a poster with great poster design include typography, design, colours, contrast, shapes and grids. Having a graphic designer go over all of these elements when making your poster is crucial to its success.

3. Brochure design

Brochures are a marketing tool that companies use to advertise their own products or services. These brochures come in different shapes and sizes and also range in form from just a single folded page to a multi-page booklet. They usually include images accompanied by supporting text.

Experienced graphic designers can help you create great brochure design by implementing an appropriate strategy and layout which is optimised to communicate to your target audience.

Brochures with attractive brochure design can help your company because you will have the opportunity to present a lot of information in a compact manner, have a lasting impression on them with good design, and you can even distribute it easily to people.

Crucial elements of great brochure design includes having an attention-grabbing cover, the best font styles, good content, branding, visual elements, and an effective call-to-action so consumers will easily know what they can do next with your brand.

4. Presentation design

As a company, you will have to rely on informative and entertaining presentations to convince potential clients and customers to work with your company and avail of your products and services. Presentations have a huge responsibility because these can be the difference between securing a partnership with a client and losing out on a potential partner.

Great presentation design is done by graphic designers that will apply necessary elements which will enhance the quality of your presentation to make sure that they get to communicate your message effectively to your audience.

Presentations are great for giving an impressive first impression, giving you more confidence in what you are presenting, making your information more impactful, and helping you look more trustworthy to audiences. However, you can only reap these benefits if your presentations are designed properly by graphic artists.

If you want to have the best presentation design, you will need to think about five specific elements. You will have to start with establishing a visual hierarchy and then creating an organised slide layout.

After this, you will need to create a master slide to start your presentation and apply the typography and colours that you used in this master slide to all of your other slides in the presentation as well.

5. Social media content

While posters, brochures, and presentations are usually visual content that is consumed offline, a lot of visual content is actually viewed online and specifically, on social media. Social media content includes images, graphics, carousels, GIFs, and videos.

Regularly creating and posting social media content like those previously mentioned on all of your social media platforms will provide you with a lot of benefits which can definitely help your company establish its brand online and should eventually lead to conversions as well.

It is important that you work with graphic designers that are flexible enough to create different types of visual content for social media as you will need to vary your posts to keep your customer’s attention. You can plan out a social media calendar which lets you plot out the specific days when you want to post GIFs, images, carousels, and videos.

6. Videos

When we are talking about visual content, videos are probably the most effective and engaging to online consumers. This is because they offer great visuals like images and GIFs but they also include audio elements as well. Having both audio and visual elements in videos allows you to communicate in more creative and entertaining ways.

There are a lot of different video types that graphic designers and video editors can help you create like footage videos, product videos, whiteboard videos, animated videos, and screencasts are some of the most common examples which you will often see on social media.

What you need to remember to make sure that all of your videos will be effective on social media is that you should start out with establishing what goals you want it to achieve, what key message you want to communicate, and which audiences you want to reach.

Your marketing team should communicate all of this directly to your team of graphic designers and video editors who will work on your video so that everyone will be on the same page from start to finish. This ensures that your video will not lose its core message and content when your video team creates your video’s design.

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