10 Creative Ideas for TikTok

Whenever you browse TikTok, you’re probably impressed by the endless creative video ideas that content creators and brands can come up with. If you’re running out of interesting concepts, here are 10 creative ideas for TikTok that can boost engagement and push your audience to tap that heart button.

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10 Creative Ideas for TikTok

1. Start a branded hashtag challenge.

Similar to other platforms on social media, hashtags are essential on TikTok to search and sort content. Right now, hashtag challenges are more popular on the TikTok platform.


Challenges use specific hashtags that encourage users to create videos about a theme related to a campaign or a viral trend. If TikTok existed in 2015, you could have seen videos with the hashtag #IceBucketChallenge.

Numerous businesses have utilized hashtags with a branded name with great success, but the most successful is Chipotle. They utilized National Avocado Day (also known as July 31st in 2019) to announce the hashtag contest #GuacDance on TikTok. Some things you can learn from #GuacDance’s success is to make it simple and easy, make it fun for everyone, and set a goal. 

2. Give short tutorials.

Short tutorials are among the most effective ways to utilize this platform to create educational content. Take a look at this collection of TikTok Excel tutorials.

This TikTok video format can help demonstrate how you can get the most out of the products or services of your brand. Be creative, and don’t use voice overs. Let the video do the talking. You can include a captivating sound clip to engage your viewers further.

3. Try some famous recipes.

Another well-known TikTok concept is to test viral recipes. With all the food creators on TikTok, recipes or food hacks can become a hit on the platform. Keep an eye out for other TikTok culinary trends and find the feasible ones to duplicate. There have been a variety of them, ranging from the famous baked pasta with feta to tortilla folding tricks.

4. Collaborate with an influencer.

Collaboration with creators on TikTok allows you to interact with their followers and gain from their unique creativity and distinctive style. For effective collaboration with influencers, it is important to discover the right match, be genuine, and measure the impact.

5. Celebrate special occasions.

TikTok celebrated International Women’s Day (March 8) by using the hashtag #SheCanDoIt, to honor female creators. Every company must keep track of forthcoming events and holidays, particularly those with special significance for their product or brand’s story. Your social media content calendar will allow you to organize your schedule for these events so that you never miss a chance to entice your audience.

Create masterpieces that will inspire and captivate the world.

6. Try viral TikTok hacks and see if it works.

Consider how viral TikTok hacks can be linked to your company’s brand. You can have a member of your team experiment with the hack using your product. Create a “reaction video” of your team reacting to others using these hacks, regardless of whether they worked or not. When accompanied by catchy songs with funny commentary and authentic outcomes, this kind of TikTok video is bound to become engaging and enjoyable to view.

7. Create a branded filter.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, creators can include lense and AR filters onto their posts to create unique effects. The creation of effects and filters demands creativity from your team. It is best to use it for an important occasion or event. When done properly, filters can increase the visibility of your brand, increase your following, and create tons of content on your brand from your fans and followers.

8. Run a contest.

Uniqlo introduced the first multi-market campaign using TikTok in June 2019 and asked users to create videos of themselves in their most loved Uniqlo items using the hashtag #UTPlayYourWorld.


User-generated content (UGM) increases your credibility and trust, particularly when it is from trustworthy creators. If you can reuse the content with permission, you establish relationships, build loyalty, and help you save the time and expense of creating content.

9. Cover current events.

Many popular trends are born and perish on TikTok all by themselves. However, the world outside has an impact too. Big news and pop culture are a part of the platform, and they exist in a new form.

The Washington Post is particularly adept in turning current happenings into TikTok videos since current events are their main focus. By transforming the subjects into captivating videos, they’ve earned more than 390,000 TikTok followers.

10. Make a difference by supporting a cause using TikTok videos.

Brands and creators can take the platform of TikTok to discuss a subject they are enthusiastic about. Social media is an excellent method to promote positive change and to raise awareness via entertainment, regardless of whether it’s about the environment, medical conditions, equality, human rights, and more. Find a cause that you wish to contribute to and utilize TikTok to spread awareness.

Create masterpieces that will inspire and captivate the world.