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All these video styles are included under the Premium Videos, in addition to the styles available under the Custom Videos

Whiteboard videos

This style is a good alternative to 2D animations to tell stories. There is a fascination with seeing a hand write and draw for you. We can even insert images you provide.


2D animations

We have been creating 2D animations since 2012. We love this kind of videos, they are a great way to explain complex things and draw viewers into a story.


3D animations

3D animations are 2D animations on steroids. It takes a bit more time than for 2D animations and they have more constraints (unless you are Pixar) but they look great and have a powerful impact.

Spice up your screencasts and talking heads videos

Tired of boring screencasts and talking head videos? Your screencasts and talking videos don’t have to be like those of your competitors. We can make them stand out not only with effects (zooms, blur, call outs…) but also by inserting them into videos with intros and outros.

Scroll stoppers

Playing with your mind and what you would expect from a normal social media feed, these videos can have a startling effect on viewers and draw their attention like nothing else.

Unlimited requests

Submit as many requests as you want. We handle them one by one.

Unlimited revisions

We work on your videos until you’re happy. No cap on revisions.

Unlimited brands

You can have as many brand profiles as you want in your subscription.
Included in all plans
No contract. 7 days money back guarantee.
Cancel anytime.
Unlimited voice over included

Unlimited voice over included

Do you need a voice over for your video? We use advanced AI technology to generate voice over. The technology is already impressive and keeps improving. When you order a video from us, you get unlimited changes to your synthetic voice over. But if you prefer a traditional voice over from a VO artist, you can provide it or we can get it for you with a top up.

Spice up your screencasts

Tired of boring screencasts?

Your screencasts don’t have to be like those of your competitors. We can make them stand out not only with effects (zooms, blur, call outs…) but also by inserting them into videos with intros and outros.


VideoBlast can execute quick turnarounds with short notice. The video team is flexible, resourceful, and talented. An accessible partner for an expedited deadline!

Eric Dachman, Lionsgate

We were looking for vendors who could help us with an explainer video. That is when we heard about Oliver and the VideoBlast team. They asked for a script of 30-60 words. We sent them the video brief and within 3 hours, they shared the video. The video was amazing and we are all set to start our video marketing campaign

Srikanth Vadrevu, Fractional CMO

At a time when virtual and digital interactions with our teams, clients and business partners are increasingly the norm, I find the VideoBlast service very useful. The team at VideoBlast is quick to fulfil my requests for new videos, they are creative and very importantly trustworthy. I genuinely recommend their service.

Sylvain Lejeune,
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Frequently asked questions

The videos created by VideoBlast can be used for social media content, video ads, personal branding, ecommerce and more. They are allowed for online use only.

Yes. But bear in mind that we work on one video (or several depending on your plan) at a time. Only once you are happy with this video do we start working on the next request.

Once you submit your request for a video, it goes into your queue. For a video up to 30 seconds, it usually takes one to two business day turnaround. Same for revisions. Once a video is finalised then the team can start working on another video for you (or several in parallel depending on your plan).
With VideoBlast you save time (you just need to send us the instructions and we do the work for you), you ensure quality (our editors are professional editors) and you can access a wide range of Styles and Templates..
You can give us text and your logo only or you can also provide images, videos or soundtracks. We do not currently accept voice-over files. For the assets that you provide, please make sure that you own the rights to use them. For video files, please provide them in clips no longer than 10 seconds each. The only change we make to your video files is shortening them if needed.
You can choose your video to be in a landscape, square or portrait (vertical) format. We deliver the file as an .mp4 file (no source files included).
We normally create the videos in HD resolution. If you need a different resolution you can specify it (maximum resolution is Full HD).
Most videos we produce are under 60 seconds, which is the recommended maximum duration for regular videos on social media. We can create longer videos, it just takes more time.
You can select a plan with several videos in parallel or contact us for a custom plan or custom one-off quote.
You can request as many variations and formats as needed for your videos: these are treated like revisions.
Yes, you can provide your brand guidelines and assets to be included in the videos.
Yes, contact us to discuss your project.
Our team is English speaking only for now. We can write scripts in English only. For videos, we can create them in any language but you need to provide the translation in English (line by line).
We guarantee your satisfaction and if within 7 days of payment you are not satisfied despite our best efforts then we will refund you.
If you are an agency, you can sell the video as a final product, to be used online only. You are not allowed to take out any specific item of the video (such as music, images, etc). You are not allowed to sell the video to be used and sold as part of a platform. Please refer to our legal terms for more information.
Yes, we do. Please contact us if you would like to become an affiliate.

We can also write scripts for you and many other add-ons.

Don’t buy right away, contact us first!