for Startups

Are you a Startup Founder?

Our team can help you grow your business in multiple ways.

Pitch investors
and prospects

We beautify your existing pitch decks or help you create pitch decks from scratch. First impressions matter and having a beautiful pitch deck helps to convince your audience. We can complement your pitch decks with short and impactful videos that explain your business in less than 60 seconds.

Explain your offering to onboard and
retain customers

We create screencasts and video tutorials. We can complement them with nice PDF documents for those who prefer to read rather than watch videos. We can also create motion graphic videos to encapsulate the benefits that matter to your customers.

Promote your business
on social media

Whichever social media platforms matter to you, we can create visual and text content that you can post: short videos, slideshow/carousels, reels, graphics and text content by our copywriters and designers. We can even post for you. You will stand out from the crowd.

Learn and
keep learning

Our library of videos summaries of essential books for Founders will help you review the fundamental lessons from successful entrepreneurs and stay up to date with the latest knowledge. This library is free to access and you can create your account right now here.