Why You Should Use Videos on LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Why You Should Use Videos on LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

The introduction LinkedIn video is fairly new compared to other social media platforms. Despite that, videos have already become a truly effective way for LinkedIn users to communicate, interact, and engage with their connections.


Posting LinkedIn videos is one of the best ways to intrigue your network with useful, relevant, and interesting content on  their LinkedIn feeds.


Because of how great and beneficial videos on LinkedIn have become, more professionals and companies are using videos and here are 4 reasons why you should use them on LinkedIn to grow your business:

LinkedIn Audiences Prefer Videos

Videos in LinkedIn perform well because of its large professional audience. There are more than 610 million professionals worldwide on LinkedIn.


Most of these LinkedIn members include opinion leaders, senior-level influencers, C-level executives, decision-makers and many more. These professionals often visit LinkedIn to learn and consume professional content.

You can be able to provide the informative and insightful content these people are looking for through videos. Posting videos allow you to tell rich stories about your company and its products to these engaged audiences.


Video is the preferred content today and here are some numbers that highlight this:


More than 50% of customers want to watch videos from brands (HubSpot)

59% prefer to watch a video on a topic instead of reading text about it (Forbes)

3 out of 4 executives watch work-related videos every week  (Forbes)


Video provides a good ROI

LinkedIn videos make sense for business because they provide a good return-on-investment. Business decision-makers will have higher purchase consideration from native video ads compared to other advertising formats, depending on objective, targeting, and messaging.


Also, according to data from LinkedIn, video is the fastest growing type of content and is the most likely to drive conversations on the platform.


Videos in LinkedIn perform well because they catch your eye in your feeds and they stand out from static content.


And since having native videos is relatively new to LinkedIn, this gives you a unique opportunity to deliver information to your network through this new and exciting format.


Videos Generate Quality Leads

With LinkedIn videos, you are able to drive quality leads. You can instantly collect complete and accurate leads with Lead Gen Forms which are pre-filled forms you can attach to your video advertisement in LinkedIn. You can also convert your video viewers into quality website visitors as well.


LinkedIn has an Objective-Based campaign experience where you can easily create a video campaign that is optimized for your goals, like website visits or lead generation.


With this, you will be able to target the right audience for your videos based on certain criteria like job experience, company, interests, location and more.


By pairing LinkedIn’s diverse and qualified professional users with this specific targeting, your videos will be seen by quality viewers who are more likely to engage and even convert into customers, leads, or partners of your business.


Videos Are a Lot Easier to Make Now

Marketers are hesitant to try their hand in making videos because they think it’s too technically complex and costly when making them. However, nowadays, it’s not as hard as you might think.


Some marketers create videos using their smartphones and affordable apps or websites. So, it is definitely possible to have effective LinkedIn videos on a lean budget.


The process of uploading videos on LinkedIn isn’t really all that different from other social media platforms as well.


It is also recommended you add captions for your LinkedIn videos to make them more accessible to your audiences who will most likely check LinkedIn from their offices without having their sound turned on.


If you actually are in need of help when it comes to creating videos, then our team at VideoBlast is available and ready to provide you with great LinkedIn videos at an affordable rate.


Our videos at VideoBlast work great on Linkedin because they fit all the recommended formats and specifications on LinkedIn and also include captions so that they are more accessible.