All of types of videos can be created with background music only or with voiceover.

Footage videos

We can use the footage you provide or stock footage from our very large libraries to create amazing videos on any topic.


2D animations

We have been creating 2D animations since 2012. We love this kind of videos, they are a great way to explain complex things and draw viewers into a story.


3D animations

3D animations are 2D animations on steroids. It takes a bit more time than for 2D animations and they have more constraints (unless you are Pixar) but they look great and have a powerful impact.

Product videos for E-commerce

Whether you are selling on Amazon, Shopify or other platforms, we can create product video and video ads.


Whiteboard videos

This style is a good alternative to 2D animations to tell stories. There is a fascination with seeing a hand write and draw for you. We can even insert images you provide.


Scroll stoppers

Playing with your mind and what you would expect from a normal social media feed, these videos can have a startling effect on viewers and draw their attention like nothing else.

Spice up your screencasts and talking heads videos

Tired of boring screencasts and talking head videos? Your screencasts and talking videos don’t have to be like those of your competitors. We can make them stand out not only with effects (zooms, blur, call outs…) but also by inserting them into videos with intros and outros.

Amazing Slideshows

We don’t create only videos: we can also create slideshows that stand out on social media. Slideshows are a good alternative to videos to tell a story. We can advise you and design a style for your slideshows that will reflect your brand. From cartoonish to very corporate, our designers cover the whole range. And we can also write the text for you.


We can also write scripts for you and many other add-ons.

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