Script Writing

Unlimited script writing for your videos

Do you need help writing scripts for your videos?
Whether because of lack of time or inspiration, it can be challenging to write scripts for your videos.
We are here to help.

We can work from

Your existing scripts

We will rewrite them in a way suited for short videos.

Your content

We can write scripts based on your blog posts or other content you provide.

From scratch

We will ask you a few questions about your brand and your objectives and create scripts from there.

Our team of experienced script writers are specialised in writing scripts for short videos. A script is usually between 30 and 120 words, for videos between up to 60 seconds.
Our subscription plan for script writing allows for:
Unlimited requests
Unlimited revisions
Scripts are written one at a time, like for an assembly line. Once you are fine with a script, we can start writing the next one.
You can have variations on scripts by requesting revisions and easily create multiple scripts around a common theme.
This plan can be bought even if you don’t subscribe to the video production plan.