Attract leads and profit from your LinkedIn network even if you have no time.

Very few businesses leverage the power of LinkedIn.
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Are you selling to businesses?

Then you should know that LinkedIn is an optimal platform for you to connect with your potential clients. But, once you are connected, how do you promote your services without being spammy?

We recently spoke to 120 B2B entrepreneurs to discuss their LinkedIn methods.

Here is what we found:

The 1st reason why so few entrepreneurs are posting content on LinkedIn is the lack of time. We know that you are busy wearing many hats as a business owner. The last thing you have time for is preparing content to post on your Linkedin profile and pages.
The 2nd reason for lack of content creation is the lack of content ideas. Content marketing is not a word vomit of your business offers. Real content stars know that content marketing is a commitment of building a relationship with your audience, and is not a one-time campaign. 

All of them are convinced that LinkedIn is a great platform.

70% are trying to regularly grow their LinkedIn network and connections.

85% of them do not leverage their LinkedIn network effectively.

Only 10% are posting regularly on LinkedIn to remind their connections of their offering.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this:

Short, native videos on LinkedIn

Short videos on LinkedIn stand out more thanks to their visual impact and also the ability to tell powerful stories in a few seconds, to time-starved professionals on LinkedIn.
Videos are remembered much better than text or image posts and
generate more business as a result.

Imagine if you could have a team of editors who could create these videos for you,
quickly and cheaply.
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No need to film yourself
No need to edit videos yourself
No need to spend much time or money

Some businesses who have chosen to grow their LinkedIn with VideoBlast

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We were looking for vendors who could help us with an explainer video. That is when we heard about Oliver and the VideoBlast team. They asked for a script of 30-60 words. We sent them the video brief and within 3 hours, they shared the video. The video was amazing and we are all set to start our video marketing campaign

At a time when virtual and digital interactions with our teams, clients and business partners are increasingly the norm, I find the VideoBlast service very useful. The team at VideoBlast is quick to fulfil my requests for new videos, they are creative and very importantly trustworthy. I genuinely recommend their service.


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Did you know if LinkedIn content was found in both video and written formats,
59% of executives would choose to consume it via video?
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