Freelance Graphic Designers in Singapore

Graphic design is one of the most important elements that a company in Singapore should consider as a lot of your business efforts will need great graphic design to grab the attention of your target customers. Because of this, you will need to work with the best freelance graphic designers to ensure high-quality visual designs for your company. This article will be your guide to working with freelance graphic designers in Singapore and will talk about the benefits of working with them, what they can create, and what you should look for before working with them.

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4 Benefits of Working With Freelance Graphic Designers in Singapore

1. Freelance graphic designers in Singapore offer more affordable services

Even if you have a limited budget for your company, it is crucial that you still must invest in having great graphic design. Cheap design will often just lead to poor design which will alienate consumers.

What makes working with freelance graphic designers a viable option is that you can still get the best services even at more affordable rates.

When you work with a freelancer, you will know that all you are paying for will just be the cost of their time, software, and resources without any sort of extra fees.

2. Freelance graphic designers in Singapore can finish projects faster

Because of the independence that freelancers get, they do not need to coordinate with anyone else in regards to their projects. This enables them to work faster, make quicker choices, and simplify the process for you as the client.

Also, as freelancers, they do not have a specific set of office hours to follow. This means that it can be possible for them to be flexible with their arrangement to finish your project faster, as long as they do not have other projects from multiple clients.

These freelancers tend to only take a limited amount of projects at a time so that they can give their full attention to finishing your project as fast as possible.

3. It is a lot easier to communicate with freelance graphic designers in Singapore

Working with a freelance graphic designer means that they will be your only contact point for your project. This makes communication a lot easier and direct as you can speak to them immediately about any adjustments or concerns regarding what you want your project to look like.

There will be no wasted time dealing with other contact points, departments, or managers who may slow down the process or lead to misinformation or miscommunication.

4. They provide high quality outputs for all of your graphic design needs

You are assured of high quality outputs when you work with a freelance graphic designer because their personal portfolio reflects all of the work they have done instead of a company portfolio which includes works from multiple people.

When you decide on who you want to work with based on their portfolio, you will get them as they are. You are more sure of what they can do because of the previous quality work that they have made.

The 6 Different Types of Content That Freelance Graphic Designers Can Create

1. Brand identity graphic design

A company’s brand identity is how it communicates its own specific personality, essence, and  tone. Brand identity graphic design focuses on the visual elements of your brand identity which act as the face of your brand to communicate your personality and  qualities through colours, shapes, and images.

Freelance graphic designers that specialise in brand identity graphic design work with your brand stakeholders to create logos, colour palettes, and typography that will best represent your brand.

They will also design your own set of visual brand guidelines which describe the best practices, colours, and concepts that you should apply to all of the branding efforts across your various platforms.

2. Marketing and advertising graphic design

Marketing and advertising graphic design focuses on creating great marketing materials which engages your target audience. Using great graphic design helps your company market and promote your products or services more effectively.

These freelance designers can work with company owners, directors, and marketing executives to create the necessary assets for your marketing strategies. They can either specialise on a type of media or create an assortment of advertisements for online and offline spaces.

Some examples of marketing and advertising graphic design include billboards, banners, infographics, presentations, social media advertisements, banner ads, and brochures.

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3. User interface graphic design

User interface or UI refers to how someone interacts with an application or device. User interface graphic design covers the process of designing interfaces that can be easily understood and provide a user-friendly experience.

A graphic designer that works on UI design focuses on the overall visual experience of the user. This includes on-screen graphic elements like menus, buttons, interactions and more. It is their job to make sure that there is the balance of having high-quality design while still maintaining accessible functionality.

Freelance UI graphic designers specialise in desktop programs, mobile applications, web applications, and games. Some examples of UI graphic design are web page designs, app designs, theme designs, and game interfaces.

4. Publication graphic design

Publications are long-form pieces that you can use to communicate with audiences through public distribution. They are usually done through print. Publication design focuses on newspapers, magazines, books, and brochures.

Freelance graphic designers that focus on publication design work with editors and publishers to design layouts with specific typography, colours, and artwork. This artwork includes graphics, illustrations, and photography.

These designers can also create directories, newsletters, and annual reports. Aside from their graphic design skills, they also need to have an understanding of colour management and publishing for both print and digital.

5. Packaging graphic design

Products require packaging that protect and prepare them for production, storage, distribution, and eventually sales. Packaging graphic design is concerned with making your product’s packaging tell the story of your brand.

Every bag, bottle, box, or container is a chance for you to communicate with consumers and you should be able to give them a positive emotion and experience when seeing your packaging.

Packaging graphic designers create concepts, develop product mockups, and create the files you will need for your product’s packaging. They should be knowledgeable of the print processes involved and also have an understanding of industrial design and manufacturing.

6. Motion graphic design

Motion graphic design includes animations, typography, imagery, audio, and video which can be used in television, film, and different types of online advertising.

Most motion graphic designers would usually just work for the TV and film industries but technological advancements have made it easier and more accessible to learn how to create these graphics.

Nowadays, motion graphics is one of the newest design types which can be found on all types of digital platforms. Some examples include animated logos, presentations, websites, apps, title sequences and end credits, GIFs, and banners.

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What You Should Look For When Working With a Freelance Graphic Designer in Singapore

1. A lot of industry experience

When choosing a freelance graphic designer to work with, you should consider those that have a significant amount of prior experience. It would help if they have a diverse experience and also if they worked for clients that you are familiar with.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best designs from a graphic designer, try to look for someone who has a minimum experience of at least a year in the industry. This is because those that have already had past experience will be more knowledgeable about time and budget.

2. A great portfolio

Before working with a freelance graphic designer, you will need to thoroughly review their portfolio. Their portfolio should be available online as it is essential for them to showcase their work digitally nowadays.

When going through the portfolio of a potential freelancer, you should look for certain things in particular to make sure they are a good fit with what you are looking for in your graphic design project.

Looking for creativity may not be enough since each designer is creative in their own way. See if they have done work for companies that are similar to yours and how their strengths match up with your immediate and long-term needs.

You can check out this article if you want to see examples of great portfolios by graphic designers: 10 Graphic Design Portfolio Examples.

3. Good communication skills

While a graphic designer’s experience and portfolio is enough of a showcase of their technical skills, you will still need to know if they have great communication skills as well.

You will need a freelance graphic designer with excellent communication skills because these skills will ensure that they will provide you with the best final output possible.

You will need to constantly communicate from the beginning until the end regarding guidelines, drafts, and revisions. If a designer cannot communicate well, they will not be able to translate the necessary changes or tweaks that you will need for your project.

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