8 Creative Logo Design Inspirations

Logo design is an important process for any business and requires a certain level of expertise because of how vital it is to your success. Choosing a creative logo for your business can make or break your overall brand image and identity. A great logo allows you to stand out from the competition and make more people notice your business. When coming up with a new logo, think about how its design can be innovative and creative to grab everyone’s attention. This article will cover 8 creative logo designs that you can use as inspiration when creating your own logo.

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8 Creative Logo Design Inspirations


1. FedEx

fedex logo

At first glance, some may think that the FedEx logo has a simple and straightforward design without much creativity. It uses a simple text logo with two varying colours. However, having a closer look reveals there is more to it.

What makes the FedEx logo so creative is that there is a hidden surprise for anyone that looks at it. You will be able to see a hidden arrow in the white space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’.

It is a simplistic and effective design which makes wise use of negative space. The arrow serves as a sign of the commitment which FedEx has to the accuracy and speed of their services.


2. Starbucks

starbucks logo

The iconic Starbucks logo first appeared in 1971. Even if it has gone through a lot of changes through the years, it has now become an iconic and creative business logo. 

The siren in the logo has her two tails beside her and is wearing a simple crown. This current design is now a more minimalist adaptation of the more detailed siren logo which was used originally.

What makes the current Starbucks logo so creative and special nowadays is that they went from black to a cleaner green look which is their trademark colour and more importantly, they removed their brand name.

This is great for global brands with famous logos as this shows authority over their own market.


3. Adidas

adidas logo

In 1971, the main Adidas logo was the trefoil, three-shaped leaf logo. However, by the early 1990’s, they created a newer logo which ended up being the primary logo that they use today. The newer logo in the 90’s was designed to be used for the company’s Equipment range of sporting products.

The triangle shape in this newer logo looks like a mountain sloping upwards. This mountain symbolises challenges and obstacles to overcome. Using this symbolism is a popular theme that all athletes can relate to.

Adidas also chose to feature their company name in the logo. However, they chose to keep it all in a lower-case font to represent the company’s casual nature which makes it accessible to everyone.


4. Shell

shell logo

During its early days, the logo for Shell was just a simple black and white image of a shell. However, as years went on, the energy company had frequent redesigns and eventually added colours to their logo as well.

The introduction of the colours red and yellow did not just to help the brand stand out, but they also symbolise the colours of Spain since many early Californian settlers were born there.

Through the years, the logo became more simplified and refined and now it has become so recognisable that it often appears without the brand name anymore.

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5. Amazon

amazon logo

Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping website, has one of the most creative logo designs. Their current logo was born the year 2000 and because of how iconic it looks, they have kept it until now.

The company’s logo has the company’s name and also includes an arrow shaped yellow smile. The smile symbolises the happiness they get to provide when they deliver their products to people at their doorstep.

A closer look at the logo also shows that the arrow starts at the letter ‘a’ and points to the letter ‘z’. This simple yet creative design emphasises that Amazon offers anything you can think of, from A to Z.


6. Audi

audi logo

Audi‘s logo which has four interlocking rings symbolises the merger of four automobile manufacturers which were Audi, Horch, Wanderer, and DKW. This iconic and creative look went through a lot of different reiterations before their current design which has been used since 2016.

In the mid 90’s until the late 2000’s, the rings in their logo had a three-dimensional silver look with their company name at the bottom. From 2009 to 2016, they made a slight change in making the company name’s font smaller and more modern.

However, in 2016, due to most logos having more simple looks, they made their iconic four rings two-dimensional. This time their logo takes on a black colour and even excludes the company name altogether for a sleek look.


7. Apple

apple logo

What makes Apple one of the most iconic brands in the world is their iconic and creative logo. Their logo is now known as one of the best examples of sleek and creative design.

The half-bitten apple has evolved from a logo and has become a status symbol. It is so powerful that, just like some companies in this list, they forgoed incorporating the company name in the logo.

The logo stands on its own through the use of the apple image which is perfectly aligned to their brand identity of being simple and sophisticated. This logo allows for a lot of creative designs because of how versatile and scalable it can be.


8. Microsoft

microsoft logo

Microsoft‘s logo design has a rich history and has gone through several varying changes throughout its history. Most people may remember their iconic wavy logo during the 2000’s but this was changed in 2012 to the logo we see now.

Now, the logo is four small squares that make up a bigger one and they are now all flat. This gives them a more modern and minimalist look. Their current logo has creative design elements which focus on the colours that they use which are red, blue, green, and yellow.

The four colours represent the major products that Microsoft offers to its customers. Red represents Microsoft Office, green represents Xbox, blue represents Windows, and yellow represents Bing.

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