Best Poster Design in Singapore: 6 Tips to Design Great Posters

When you have to think about what type of advertising you would want for your company, print advertising, specifically posters, is still a great way to reach your target customers in Singapore. When you have posters that are well-designed, they will educate, entertain, and spark curiosity about your products, services, and your company. This article will be your guide to having the best poster design in Singapore. It will cover the benefits of great poster design and all the features and elements of a great poster.

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5 Benefits of Great Poster Design For Your Print Advertising in Singapore

1. Creating great posters is affordable for most companies

One of the main benefits of creating posters in Singapore is that it is a more affordable option compared to other types of advertising. They do not cost much in terms of designing, printing, installation, and can be produced quickly.

Spreading your message through posters will be far more cost effective in the long run compared to other costly avenues like radio or TV advertising.

2. Posters are a great way to be visible to your target audience

Whatever product or service you want to advertise, using a poster with a great design can help you stop consumers in their tracks if it is placed in the perfect spot.

Because of their size and their design’s visual impact, your poster can definitely stand out among people who will find your message and products interesting and will raise the visibility of your company.

3. Messages on posters can have creative interpretations

Whether you are creating posters to be printed or to be uploaded online, you can create them with messages and copies that can be a lot of flexible and creative interpretations.

Innovative and witty copies along with great design make your posters hard-to-miss and your message to have a lot of different interpretations and explanations which adds intrigue to the product you are selling.

4. It is easy for people to recall your posters

Compared to viewing advertisements on television or on a digital screen, print advertising can seem less intrusive and more welcoming to consumers as they can look through it in their own time without any interruptions.

Since they do not have a lot of distractions when trying to understand your posters, this makes it a lot easier for them to recall all the important parts of your poster which include your product, branding, message, and colours.

5. Great poster designs encourage an active response

When your poster has a great design which attracts the attention of people, it means that they are actively engaging with their surroundings.

Whether they are just walking through an area or going into an MRT station in Singapore, you can catch their attention with stunning poster design and can encourage them to perform your call to action.

A good poster can help you send a clear message and inspire people to take action which can be making a phone call, going to a website, attending an event, and more.

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6 Key Features and Elements of an Effective Poster

1. Typography

When you talk about the typography of a poster, you are referring to the type of font and the style you are using. The way your font will look, whether it looks wavy or rigid, subtly enhances the message that you want to communicate.

While you may be tempted to choose multiple creative fonts to relay your message, this may distract and confuse viewers. Ideally, you should stick to two or three fonts in your design to keep a more uniform look.

Fonts used for your titles should either be creative or sans serif fonts. On the other hand, fonts for your main copy should be serif fonts as they are more readable to viewers.

There is a balance to choosing your different fonts. They should be different enough to be distinguishable from each other while also complementing each other to create a unified design.

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2. Design

Your poster’s design will be its most important element as this is what everyone will immediately see and remember when they come across it. You should work to make sure your poster design is balanced as this makes your poster look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are two main ways for achieving this balance for your poster and that is with a symmetric layout or an asymmetric layout:

Symmetric Layout

A symmetric layout features similar design elements that are aligned in an equal way on either side of the vertical axis. This will usually lead to posters that have a mirror-image effect.

This type of layout works well if you are looking for a static or formal look. Some of these posters can be used for formal events and invites for gatherings and viewings.

Asymmetric Layout

In an asymmetric layout, you can achieve balance with elements that are in an unequal arrangement. Most of the time, the posters with asymmetric layouts have a large object on one side balanced with a smaller object on the opposite side.

These designs will look more complex which can also make them more difficult to create because the visual weight and location of each element has to be carefully considered. You can use this design for concerts or personal services.

3. Colours

No matter who your target audience is in Singapore or where you are in the world, colour is a language that can be universally appreciated and can also communicate a variety of messages and feelings.

Whether you are using colours to elicit a specific reaction or just to create a unifying background, they can have a lot of different meanings and implications based on the specific culture that you are in.

Here are some of the most commonly used colours and the associated feelings attached to them:

  • Blue – calming, cool, sad
  • Red – dangerous, sexy, exciting
  • Yellow – cheerful, imaginative
  • Black – mysterious, ominous, elegant
  • White – clean, innocent, pure
  • Brown – organic, rich, earthy
  • Orange – active, hot, tangy
  • Green – natural, environmental, wealthy
  • Purple – regal, futuristic, majestic

Aside from using colours for specific meanings, you can also use them as a unifying element in your design. When deciding which colours to mix and match, consider a harmonious palette.

Colours that include a harmonious palette include monochromatic colours, complementary colours, and analogous colour combinations.

Monochromatic colours

These colours are limited to tints and shades of one specific colour of your choice. For example, using different shades of blue like royal blue, navy blue, and sky blue.

Complementary colours

These are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel: blue and orange, purple and yellow, red and green. This combination can be used if you want a more surprising effect for your poster as pairing them makes both colours stand out from each other.

Analogous colour combinations

This combination includes colours that are right next to each other on the colour wheel.

Some examples are:

  • blue, purple, and red
  • yellow, orange, and red
  • yellow, green, and blue

If you want to add more emphasis on a specific colour, you can think about changing the value or saturation of the other colours. You can check out this article if you want to take a deeper dive into colour theory: The fundamentals of understanding color theory.

4. Contrast

Contrast is one of the most important elements you should think about when creating your poster. Contrast occurs when you have two elements placed in opposing ways.

When you create contrasts, it helps draw the eye and create a focal point within your poster’s design. There are a lot of different ways to integrate contrast and you can use shapes, colours, lines, size, and negative space.

5. Shapes

Shapes are vital to consider for your poster design in Singapore as they allow you to create a path for the eyes of viewers in Singapore to follow as they scan your poster. They can also place a lot of emphasis on the most important information and message in the poster.

Shapes can also play a part in affecting the mood and emotion of your poster’s design. Softer shapes with curves and circles can create a more relaxed and calm mood while sharper shapes like triangles, squares and straight lines can convey rigidity, seriousness, and urgency.

6. Grids

Grids are another important part that you should think about when creating your posters. They allow you to organise space, text, images, shapes and all the other important elements that you will include in your poster design.

When you use a grid properly, it helps viewers to more easily dissect the information you want to communicate. They guide your audiences in terms of helping them know where elements and information will be in the poster.

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